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8 Million Tourists

10,500 Residents

Each year, for every 1 resident of Branson, 762 tourists visit.
It's time to expand your Branson family.


Branson has approximately 10,500 year round residents.

The live entertainment capital of the world is home to a small population of locals who have cultivated Branson's reputation as a place for BIG fun.


Do the math: 10,500 locals, 8 million tourists.

For every 1 person who lives in Branson year-round, 762 people visit from out of town. Our actions directly affect their views of our city.


Every year 8 million tourists visit our city.

TripAdvisor recently listed Branson as one of the top 25 US travel destinations. With an unparalleled selection of live shows and kid-friendly activities, Branson is the preferred spot for many family vacations.


Each local should help 762 tourists fall in love with Branson every year.
Many of our businesses and livelihoods depend on the tourism industry. It's up to us as individuals to make sure our visitors want to return.



What does this mean for you? The next time you see a visiting family on the street, offer them advice on which restaurant to eat at. Give them an insider's tip so they know when the fish are biting. Let them know  how to avoid traffic on strip. It's little things that make a big difference.


Together we can help Branson tourism grow from

8 million, to 10 million, to 12 million, and beyond.


Do you 762?

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